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What is a backlink?

Another important thing in SEO최적화 업체 is backlinks. In addition to writing good content, backlinks are also important enough to be mentioned a lot when discussing Google SEO. A backlink is an external link from another website to our website. Backlinking means that another website has recommended or referred to an article on your website. So backlinks affect how Google judges the credibility of a website. (Because the fact that it is mentioned and cited a lot in other places is proof that there are so much good data)
The more websites backlinked, the higher the authority (domain score) of those websites, the better. To put it simply, it matters how many times your great friend has mentioned your website. Spammers also know that backlinks are good, so they do artificial backlink work in a variety of ways of SEO 서비스 and 최적화 업체 (such as running multiple websites and exchanging links with each other like a spider’s web).

what it means to purchase backlinks?

These questions may arise. There are companies that actually sell backlinks. However, when purchasing backlinks, you need to check whether the website you are linking to is really authoritative or trustworthy. When it comes to getting backlinks, it’s quality over quantity. It means that giving a link from a page with a high domain score is far more effective than getting backlinks from a lot of meaningless sites. There are several criteria for judging a quality website .

To name a few representative examples,

  • The older the site, the more
  • The more relevant the site is to the topic of my website, the more
  • Websites with high DR and UR
  • A site that consistently uploads high-quality content is better.

Follow Links and No Follow Links

Just because other sites have links to my website, that doesn’t mean that all those 구글SEO업체 links are counted as backlinks. If that were possible, anyone would go to a highly authoritative place such as Namoo Wiki, Naver blog, or community post and spread their website link. Whether or not to accept links from the page as backlinks can be set in advance by the website operator. A link that is recognized as a backlink when a link is made is called a follow link, and a link that is not is called a no-follow link.

So is there no need for no follow link?

While no-follow links don’t work as backlinks, they still make sense to grab people’s attention and drive traffic by first linking to our site from elsewhere. And this traffic can help build brand awareness and lead to potential customers. So, it is also meaningful to advertise my website through posts or comments on articles such as Wikipedia or blogs, communities, and social media with similar topics.

Tier 4 Link Building Strategy

Once you understand how to make a backlink, you’ll know that the backlink rubs its tail on the tail.
There are rumors that Google usually ranks websites in four villages from my money site, and I’m working on that.
The link from just behind the money site is called Tier 1, and you can see the link behind Tier 1 up to Tier 4, such as Tier 2.
From Google’s 검색엔진최적화 업체 point of view, it is estimated that if you calculate only the number of villages, you will be investigating tier 4 because you need to calculate the number of villages on an infinite number of money sites.

What is tier 4 link building strategy?

This means working with the DMCL of links flowing to your money site as relevantly as possible to the keywords you want and creating a step-by-step/pyramidal link structure that is as natural as possible but with the keywords you want to be mentioned.

It’s a natural result to have a link in the form of stairs, whether you’re working with a black hat or working with a white hat, but the table mentioned earlier in “Dissecting Google Algorithms” suggests that websites with high numbers will increase the volume and quality of all tiers as much as possible to achieve high scores.
To do this, here’s how I create a link:

(Tier 4 Link Tree)

In Tier 1, PBN Hoc hangs EMD and links to my website, which is the best I can be.
We believe that links to Tier 1 are at great risk.
That’s why I personally create links for my projects without selling or purchasing tier 1 links.
For Tier 2, 3, and 4 below Tier 1, create a link tree with a slightly lower query link.
As always, it’s important to link build as naturally as possible. This is a real legit advice from SEO전문가 Harry

It is easy to develop this score from 20-30 than expand from 70-80. A top-notch backlink creator can get a decent score on the DA scale. Domain authority predicts the ranking capacity of your webpage and a high DA score implies your site can get great positions via web search tools.

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Powerful Link building strategy:

SEMrush makes link building easier. It helps you to know the backlinks of your competitors. It makes it possible to access the data of your competitor’s backlinks. The information of backlinks taken from the SEMrush saves your time and it helps you to succeed in the SEO 마케팅 race.

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