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Seth Young joins Battelle Center as Associate Director for Aviation and Aerospace Policy

The Battelle Center for Science and Technology Policy at Ohio State University’s John Glenn College of Public Affairs is excited to announce that Dr. Seth Young will become affiliated with the Battelle Center as Associate Director for Aviation and Aerospace Policy.

Dr. Young, who is the Director of the Ohio State’s Center for Aviation Studies and on the faculty of the College of Engineering, will lead the Battelle Center’s efforts in developing an education, research, and outreach plan focusing on policies that directly effects aviation and aerospace.

“Active engagement in policy discussions in the aviation and aerospace sector will be the goal of our group’s focus within the Battelle Center,” Young said. “Engaging in these important topics is, in fact, vital to us as a nation as we attempt to maintain our role as global leaders in transportation and exploration.”

Aviation and Aerospace Policy is an integral component of the wider mission of the Battelle Center to advance policy in various scientific fields, including energy, space, and the environment.

“Given Senator Glenn’s career and interests, aviation and aerospace policy are critical interests for the Battelle Center. Aviation and the space industry are evolving rapidly with new technologies – as a result, new policies are needed. Dr. Young’s expertise and passion for aviation will be invaluable in the Battelle Center’s role of providing industry and government with much-needed aviation transportation policy,” Wagner said. “Some of the more pressing policy issues are implementation of modern air traffic management technologies; policies to ensure sufficient supply of pilots; the safe integration of unmanned aerial systems into the nation’s airspace and policies towards the growth of commercial space operations.”

Dr. Young holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering/Transportation and an MS in Industrial Engineering /Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley, and a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is an Accredited Airport Executive (AAE) of the American Association of Airport Executives and holds an instrument-rated commercial airplane and seaplane pilot’s license and certified flight instructor certificate from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The Battelle Center for Science and Technology Policy’s mission is to provide leadership and research in the fields of science, technology, and innovation policy. By connecting both public and private sectors with new discoveries and information that aid the policy process, the Battelle Center fosters innovation in science and technology at both the state and national levels. It also serves as a facilitator in a research collaboration between Battelle Memorial Institutes and The Ohio State University. Key research and policy areas include energy, the environment, space and aviation, health, agriculture, and food policies.

Ohio State University’s research standing is rising in world ranks

A review of scientific publications emerging from the desks of researchers at The Ohio State University demonstrates increasing strength and capability relative to research in the rest of the world.Click here to download the policy paper.

A Call for Supporting a Next Generation Airspace System for the State of Ohio

Ohio, as the nation’s “Birthplace of Aviation”, is well positioned to be a national leader in providing a 21st century aviation system for its residents and businesses, creating increased economic growth and reducing aviation associated environmental impacts. Implementation of policy that actively supports and commits to the state-wide implementation of the FAA’s Next Generation Airspace System, known as, NextGen, is the key for success. Click here to download the policy paper.

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